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In the heart of roma


Sumesa is a small super market where you can get all you need.
It has a small pharmacy as well.


Is a small market with organic and sustainable goods.


Abarrotes is the word in spanish of a small local shop, they sell sodas, beers some fruits and vegetables. Sweet bread and more.
Eventhough there is akways water and toilet paper; if there is an urgency, you may get it there.


Is a complete pharmacy where you may get medicines and more things.

CDMX Bar scene is incredible; in the past year we have escalated places in the 50 best bars in the world
If you need any suggestions outside of Roma, let me know.


Is my favourite Bar, not only the service and the drinks, but also Yayo, Angel and Jose Luis they make you feel part of a family.
If you go there, sit at the counter to get all the action. And do not hesitate to call me if you visit the place; I might join you.
Limantour is #6 in the 50Best


Is just an amazing place, these guys source everything from xochiilico and the food is delicious, also Carmen and her crew mak delicious coctails
the vibe has always a house or a guest live dj playing vinyls. i go there oten with all my friends almos evey thursday, why because we love it.


Brujas means witches, the legend says is in haunted building. But the fact is that the women staff makes great coctails.
The owner is the same as Hanky Panky (#12 on the 50Best 2021), so the quality is a assured. i have never had food there, so I can say much about that.

In the past few years Mexico has developed so many options for specialty coffee. Most of it sourced from Mexican farms. Around roma there are many good options, I can't list them all but I can suggest the options where you can go and work confortable.


This is the place I own. If you go you get the first coffee for free. Is plant and pot store where we also sell smoothies, cold press juice and some sandwiches.
Is not in roma, but is not far away. Is perfect to chill and work; our coffee is sourced only with mexican beans all considered specialty coffee.
The path to get to Boo'la, marks many spots, but is the nice walk that I take to get there:


Is the small place of Enrique Olvera. Perfect for a coffee and a Mexican breakfast and some sweet bread.


Is a great coffee. They always have so many Mexican beans to try. Is a bit expensive but if you are a real fan of coffee go there.
They have great spot to sit outside and work all day long.


One of the most popular coffee shops, I go there often. Its small but is confortable to work, sometimes noise sometimes not.
Is great choice to try good coffee, however no food.


This space seems a bit out of Roma is more like an Oslo cafe. Quality is better than other places, but is confortable for working, some of the guest have found this place just perfect for working.

Is really hard to talk about tacos, especially when we are surrounded with thousands of options. So let me do my best.
I am typically asked about taquerias that are stablished not on the street, so that will be my suggestion and I am sure you will like them. Anyways go out and explore.


This place is famous for a taco called GAONERA, is amazing, they have a large selection of beers and some other tacos.
Is like really close and they open long hours, so after a bar if you get the munchies, GO !!


Is a good option to go there and eat good tacos, there are some people who like them more than other places.


When it comes to tacos in Roma, this is the place I always go to. Is more kind-a what you will expect from a taqueria in Mexico. From pastor to soups, some vegan options, beers and a large selection of Mezcal.
Relationship between price and quality is fair; they open late wich makes it perfecto for munchies.


My last resource when it comes to eat tacos, is just “ok” but it always opens late late.
Perfect for late late munchies with a beer.


Is called GRACIAS MADRE and I LOVE LOVE this street stand, when I want to feel the power of tacos without the meat I always go there. The only caveat, is that they only sell this ultra hipstered beverages that are way to vegan to pair with a good taco, I always end up getting a something from the oxxo on the corner.

Price is incredible, do not hesitate to try it, no one has ever had a bad time.


This RAMEN place is just amazing, is not expensive and truly recomforting. Perfect at all times.
It is walking distance.


FREDDO is originary from Buenos Aires Argentina, and recently opened in CDMX. Thera are many icecreams shops in Roma and with My daughter we have been to most of them, this is defenetly the best one.


For a Mexican breakfast go to Lalo´s. defenetly. Same Lalo as Maximo.



I have been practicing Yoga for over 9 years, I always recomment going to Power Flow Yoga Condesa with Michael.
His practice is guided in english and some Sanskrit. Class is per donation.
MAKE SURE YOU BOOK at his instagram profile here:


This is one of the most fun places to go, LUCHA LIBRE is part of theheart of Mexicans the most fun theatrical Wrestling ever.
Here are only events on Fridays and saturdays
Get tickets on Ticket Master Mexico, or just show up there at the booth.


My dad says: the best way to know a city is walking. This route is safe and really enjoyable, there you will find, Anthropology, Tamayo, Castillo de Chapultepec and Arte Moderno.
Get to REFORMA, then turn left and keep walking to you get to the museum area. Seems to be far awy but is not.
If you get the munchies after a long walk, go to the best second pastor tacos in Mexico that are around there they are called:
Taquería Selene
And for Carnitas:
and Pancho’s


Centro (Downtown) has many many places to visit... On this walk you may visit first BELLAS ARTES, CORREOS AZULEJOS, and then Cathetral TEMPLO MAYOR and PALACIO NACIONAL
Get to REFORMA, then turn right kee walking util you find a yellow statue called el caballito then turn right on Av. Juarez.
If you get the munchies after a long walk, go to:
Balcón del Zocalo, here I have the best contact if you want a table
Los cocuyos, best tacos de lengua


Ciudadela is a pleasant walk to get there, but you’ll need to take a cab back because you’ll end up purchasing so much. It’s a market full of all sorts of Mexican handcraft, embroidered textiles, hand painted pottery, home decor, even gemstones. You can see artisans at work at the loom, the carpenter’s bench and melting metal. Don't get the first price and make sure you walk the whole thing to compare prices and then buy. You will spend at least 2 hours there. Get us something for the house!!
Thanks Emily for such amazing contribution