In the heart of roma

I have been involved with the Airbnb experiences for about 5 years, these are some of my favourites and the ones I always recommend because I know the hosts and the experience itself.
So be sure you will have an amazing time.


Learn about Mezcal and taste rare ones.

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It's amazing they take you to the Pyramids and get you back as well. Food, Pulque and Mezcal are included.
Just make sure you wake up really really early. the leave at 7am form condesa

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Ricardo was my first Biz partner in the coffee area, he host this experiece where he shows you about senses and how to use then with coffee tasting.
This experience was my first with coffee and is what got me engaged to coffee.

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Perfect COMBO+++ Tacos+Mezcal+CDMX.. I love this one.
Is kind-a what every Chilango does when we go out, so feel mexico as a local.

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I have been so many times to this experience, is literaly sweet.
If you go please bring me back some churros !!!

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TEMAZCAL: ancient prehispanic sweat lodge

This experience is great, this is what our ancients did as a ritual to be able to purify their souls.
Is really traditional and renovates you. They pick you up in condesa.

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La Roma de Cuarón

"When in rome..." take a walk around Roma to learn from a film directors perspective.
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