In the heart of roma

Is amazing to have you here with us; please make sure we (Gracielo as well) will make the best that we can for you to have a great great CDMX visit. So please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.


NETWORk: specialtycoffeesociety
PASSWORD: 12345678a

The living room space has been designed for everyone's comfort. Use the space at your will, discover books and music. Sorry I don't exchange books.
Juan Gracielo "Chelo"

He is some sort of lab, 7 years old, a great friend.

Whenever we are not at the place we always block him from entering the rooms or the living room area.

Sometimes when you come back he may hi with a little bark, or with a smile showing his teeth.


The entire kitchen is at your disposition. for other guests comfort, right after you use it please clean, dry and place back everything.

Please consider replacing $10 pesos for each bottle of water you take.

If you use the coffee machine, please make sure to turn it off.

If you use the coffee machine, please make sure to turn it off.

Please use the glasses and coffee cups on the shelfs above the counter.

Please do not take any food to the living nor to the rooms.

- IN & OUT -

There is no time limit to go in or out, but please make sure you close the entrance and stair doors, just close, never lock.

When you go out, at the apartment: lock both blue and black key, but, if there are other guest at the apartment, just lock the black key.

Leave the keys by the window at the entrance, this way, all guests know whether to lock one or both.

If I am not for check out take the keys to the floor level, there is a set of mailboxes on the wall, find number 401, or the "B" sticker and throw them there.

-SHOWER: Move the boiler to "CALIENTE" 10 minutes before you take a shower. And just before you enter the shower please move it to "FRIO".


Please do not move furniture around.

Please Turn off lights when you are not using them.

For everyone´s security NO vistitors are allowed.

For me, check out time is critical as I daily receive new guests, please respect the checkout time.

The bottle of mezcal has a charge of $1300